Garderie La Bougeotte de la Jacques-Cartier

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

What is La Bougeotte? - Installation of 60 children in the heart of the village of Ste-Catherine - Large bright premises as well as a gymnasium/multi-function room - A stimulating work environment - A present, proactive and caring management team
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Why join our educational team?

La Bougeotte was born out of a passion for education of its director who obtained a bachelor's degree in psychoeducation 9 years ago. Our educational program aims to provide families with a quality childcare service. Our experienced team aims for this objective through their interventions, their planning guided by the interests of the children and their collaboration/involvement of the parents. A good working environment is also a second family that one can choose. Come be part of our family!

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