Garderie la Plume D'Or

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

La Plume d'Or daycare holds a permit from the Ministry of the Family for 65 places 18 months to 5 years old and 15 places 17 months and less. The daycare is located in the Henri-IV business center, a magnificent high-end office complex. Our new facilities offer a stimulating and creative environment. The premises are fitted out in a safe manner to allow children to develop according to their ages and their needs. The large windows of the premises allow natural light, a visit will convince you!

Why join our educational team?

OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE QUALITY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES TO CHILDREN AGED 0 TO 5 THAT BEST MEET THEIR NEEDS La Plume D’or daycare promotes a culture of excellence that promotes superior quality in terms of education, services and a learning environment. Each worker is driven by a professionalism that is at the service of the child. We have an exceptional chance to make a difference in the life of a child and to contribute to the development of society. We followed the educational program of the Ministry of the Family, Welcoming the early childhood.

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