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Lapinou Lapina daycare lays the foundation for long-term academic success and an exciting future. Through a comprehensive and carefully crafted educational program in a loving, caring and friendly environment, we help parents educate enthusiastic, confident and socially responsible children to help them reach their full potential. In collaboration with a multidisciplinary team qualified and specialized in educational psychology, nurses specializing in child care and early childhood education, our daycare ensures great biopsychosocial, emotional, motor, cognitive and sensory development.
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Why join our educational team?

All of the Daycare Educators at the Lapinou Lapina Daycare have relevant experience and / or ministry-recognized training. They are responsible for the development and application of the educational program and the health policy as a whole and more specifically for the age group for which they are responsible. The educators develop activities to promote social, emotional development, cognitive and language skills.They cultivate a warm and caring relationship with each child, individually and in a group. They provide them with experiences that build confidence and self-esteem. In this way children express and cope with their feelings.

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