Garderie Le Carrefour Éducatif Inc.

13 - Laval

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Workplace description

Our daycare is a bilingual place. We have monthly themes, monthly calendars with fun activities planned daily! We have kitchen/ food activities, Zumba class for the children and a lot more! Our classrooms are very big, windows are very wide ! The director is qualified and she is always available to help, listen and give a helping hand! You will have a great experience with us!
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Why join our educational team?

I am a qualified educator for over 20 years. I started working in a daycare at the age of 16 years old. After getting my diploma in this field. I am extremely happy that we have been lucky to have this daycare for 12 years. Ensuring that all the children are in a safe environment, nice and friendly educators. The educators are so kind, they help each other and I am always around to help and give suggestions. Our team and group of educators are nice and I am happy to be part of them, we have become a family,

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