Garderie le Jardin des Anges A. Inc.

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

Opened in 1986, Garderie le Jardin des Anges is a subsidized pre-school located in Quebec city. We strive to offer a stimulating and caring environment adapted to each child's individual needs. At Jardin des Anges, we consider ourselves a big family. We now welcome our second generation of clients. From little clients to new parents now, some of them offer us the best compliments we could ever receive by entrusting us with the care of their own children.

Why join our educational team?

Garderie le Jardin des Anges offers many perks to its employees. Some of them are: - A team of colleagues with a strong collaborative mindset -4 days/week workweek (possibility of 5 days/week if interested) - Free lunch and snacks for the employees - A workplace situated in a calm residential neighborhood but still easily accessible by car as well as in public transportation - Access to a wide backyard and a huge sandbox to go play with their group of children - Access to the expansible St-Benoît municipal park, literally in front of the pre-school. This allows every pre-school educator to go play outside with their group of children simultaneously (without rotations) - Access to St-Benoît’s children water park during the summer and the possibility to go sliding in the snow with the kids on the park hill during winter And much more!

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