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16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

The primary mission of the Petits Cercle daycare is to provide a high quality educational service to children aged 0 to 5 years old. The quality of service depends, among other things, on a team of trained and competent people, as well as on the sharing of information between all staff members. The Petits Cercle daycare considers staff members to be the most valuable asset for the fulfillment of its mission and relies on their contribution to carry it out. This policy is therefore the tool which sets out the means implemented to stimulate and support staff members, and which determines working conditions.
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Why join our educational team?

We are a dynamic, creative and young team. Teamwork is essential for the smooth running of our work. We put at heart the well-being of children, but especially of our educators. It is she who provide all the efforts related to work. We work in a relaxed, warm and fraternal atmosphere. Our establishment is like a second home, where everyone has the power to develop and learn. We rely on good communication and mutual assistance. For us, the well-being of the little ones starts with the one who replaces her mother for the day; his educator.

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16 - Montérégie

16 - Montérégie

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