Garderie Le Petit Palais Enchanté

15 - Laurentides

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The Garderie Le Petit Palais Enchanté is a non-subsidized, private daycare in Rosemere. We have been offering quality childcare since 2011. Our beautiful outdoor play area is a natural setting where children run and play freely.
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Surrounded by beautiful trees, the Garderie Le Petit Palais Enchanté is in Rosemere, adjacent to the Mille-Îles river and the train station. We believe that the quality of a childcare service is assessed in terms of the stability of the emotional ties between the child, his/her educator and the parent. Indeed, a lasting emotional connection makes for a good integration, a more harmonious development allowing for learning to happen. Our mission is to offer quality and stimulating educational childcare services, adapted to the needs of children and families in our community.

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