Garderie L'Éléphant Rose

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

L'Éléphant Rose daycare is a subsidized private daycare with a permit for 58 children including 6 infant places. Our educational program is based on the Welcoming Early Childhood program. Also, given the cultural variety of our clientele, we have developed a program that talks about countries and a program for preschool children. We have developed a link with the neighborhood school so that our 4-year-olds can go visit the school and share with the students and that the transition is smooth.

Why join our educational team?

The Garderie L'Éléphant Rose exists since 1983, this daycare has a new direction for 6 years. The director, who was herself an educator, shows great open-mindedness and understanding of the reality of educators. The team of educators is young and dynamic. The working atmosphere is positive and mutual support is always there. Our educational values are respect, open-mindedness and more. Our triple mission is to ensure the well-being, health and safety of children, to support children in their overall development and to promote the social inclusion of all. Our daycare has premises for each group as well as a courtyard also accessible in winter and we have water games in summer.

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