Garderie Les Amis De Cornemuse

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

- LARGEST daycare in Ahuntsic, safe, sunny environment, on the ground floor, with two LARGE separate outdoor play areas (one for infants and the other for ages 3 years old and up). - Very SPACIOUS and bright classrooms, with lots of BIG windows. - A LARGE ACTIVITY ROOM used for all children: When the outside temperature does not allow it, especially in winter; For motor skills exercises and group lessons; For Special Events: Christmas, Graduation, Animation, Workshops, Audiovisuals… etc. - Menu respecting the Canadian food guide. Hot, fresh, and healthy meals (HALAL) and 2 snacks are prepared on-site. - The DIVERSIFIED and RICH educational program for the achievement of the overall development of each child (physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and language) - BILINGUAL program from 3 years old. - Pre-kindergarten class with a more elaborate program (initiation to school: pre-writing, pre-math ...) - Outdoor activities; outings and excursions - FREE educational workshops for parents

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