Garderie Les Beaux Souvenirs

13 - Laval

Workplace description

LLes Beaux Souvenirs daycare is an inclusive environment for all children around the world. A multicultural and bilingual environment whose orientation is learning through play. A work environment focused on mutual aid, teamwork and unparalleled educational quality. A daycare with big projects for both its children and its employees.
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Why join our educational team?

Currently undergoing restructuring, our community offers employees a working atmosphere of trust and mutual aid. Teamwork and active listening are essential for us, everyone is heard, communication is the watchword! The management team is present and its mandate is to be available to its team. We offer children and educators large illuminated premises and a wide variety of educational materials. The well-being, safety and development of children are the heart of our priorities. These elements allow us to continually improve the quality of the childcare service. We have qualified and competent staff able to guide and support children in their activities and according to their age. Joining the Les Beaux Souvenirs daycare team is to participate in the great adventure of early childhood in a hassle-free and constantly improving environment.

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