Garderie les coccinelles vertes

15 - Laurentides

Workplace description

Private educational daycare open since May 2012. We are located in Blainville. The well-being and development of children are our priority. We will allow parents to go about their professional responsibilities with confidence. In our daycare, we see 64 children in total (3 months to 5 years) which allows us to offer a superior and personalized service to both children and parents. They are passionate, dedicated and do not lack imagination. Our aim is to provide a variety of activities in order to stimulate the child to the maximum. We have an educational program as well as several educational activities (initiation to sports and English). We are a very innovative daycare, thanks to our interactive whiteboard (Smartboard) we capture the attention of children therefore we promote their learning.

Why join our educational team?

At our daycare, team spirit and the human side are paramount. Mutual assistance is essential. We have a superb daycare with a staff that stands out. We all care about the well-being of children. The team has no shortage of imaginations and they are all passionate about their profession. The working atmosphere is very pleasant. A family spirit has reigned ever since at the daycare. We have an impeccable reputation, our staff and toddlers are happy, that's what is most important to me!

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