Garderie Les Petits Loups

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

The team is made up of qualified people who are passionate about their work! Our educational program is focused on the development of the child at his own pace. We work closely with parents. Our vision is humanistic and we adapt education with the reality of life 2023. We are a unique daycare that promotes cultural differences. An organic daycare and we encourage buying local. The educational team plans a new theme each month which is developed and we use natural resources. Our banner is life and our spearhead is love. We offer a kindergarten preparatory program.
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Why join our educational team?

Our educational program is focused on the development of the child: imagination, musical awakening, the art of movement (dance, circus, course, theater), yoga and meditation to channel his energy and sensory development. (massage therapy), science (scientific experiments), ecology (compost and horticultural activity), cooking (culinary activity) and everyday languages ​​(English and if possible Spanish) as well as plastic arts are part of of our lively daily life! Les Petits Loups daycare offers a humane and respectful work environment. The schedule of the educational team is thought out to allow you to reconcile work and family or free time and work.

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