Garderie l'Odyssée du papillon Lévis

12 - Chaudière-Appalaches

Workplace description

Subsidized private daycare in operation for 5 years already, we are the little brother of the Garderie l'Odyssée du paillon de Québec in operation for 8 years. Our employees are at the heart of our concerns. Our mission emphasizes the quality of the educational services we offer to all children and their families. We are committed to providing quality educational services that promote the actualization of the child's full potential and equal opportunities for children aged 0-5 years, in partnership with parents. We want to help the child to build himself as a human being. • Maintain stability in our staff
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Why join our educational team?

Our values 1. Respect for self, others and the environment. 2. Self-confidence. 3. Acceptance 4. Sharing 5. Partnership Our team is at the heart of our concerns. The employees feel good and accepted with us. We are in complete harmony with everyone, everyone has the right to speak and we want to maintain stability in our staff, which is why we offer them moments of gratitude, such as a full week of annual recognition, a Christmas party at their height. And much more.

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