Garderie Mon Rayon de Soleil

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

The Mon rayon de soleil daycare offers quality educational services by contributing to the overall development of children from 8 months to 5 years old, offering all the resources for personal development, in order to build themselves in harmony with their inner nature. Our approaches favor listening, in order to help the child to better build himself on the physical and motor, cognitive, social, emotional and language levels, through play.

Why join our educational team?

Garderie Mon Rayon de Soleil's mandate is to create, in partnership with the parents, all the educators and the other members of the staff, a climate and a warm environment, conducive to the healthy development of the child, to his well-being and learning. Considering the fact that all the elements that make up the educational program of the Ministry are closely interrelated, our educational program is firmly based on the transmission of values.

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