Garderie Premier Chemin Montessori

14 - Lanaudière

Workplace description

Garderie Premier Chemin Montessori is a preschool center dedicated to the development of the child in its entirety. It's a place where the child learns to do things by himself or herself. All educators are committed to providing a warm environment conducive to the physical, academic, social, and intellectual development of the child.

Why join our educational team?

Our approach is on an ecological-based. It is taken into account that the child is born with a biological background and a temperament of his own and is unique. His personality is subsequently developed once in contact with his human and physical environment. Offering an exceptional environment we ensure to be the foundation of each child's development. Garderie Premier Chemin Montessori privileges the following values: self-esteem, respect, openness, mutual aid, collaboration, well-being, pleasure and happiness.

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