Garderie Préscolaire des Petits Pieds II

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

The goal of little feet preschool daycare is to provide children with a warm educational environment that will meet all of their needs. We believe in the potential of every child. We want to guide them through a program that incorporate activities that will stimulate their curiosity and encourage them in their intellectual, social, emotional and motor skill development. In an atmosphere of friendship, health and stimulating environment, so that they can flourish and progress at their own pace. We are committed to transmitting good values, expanding everyone's knowledge and possibilities, and learning to live in a group.

Why join our educational team?

A dynamic team, proud and committed to participating in early childhood development is in place to ensure the health and safety of every child. We want our staff to develop meaningful links with children to maximize their interventions at the social, cognitive, motor, and language levels. The little feet Preschool Daycare ensures that everyone advocates the following values: 1. Respect for oneself and others 2. Respect for the environment, 3. Mutual aid and sharing, 4. Autonomy.

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