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River’s Edge Daycare is a community of educators, families and administrators that approach early childhood education with a warm, holistic approach. First established in 2018 by the River’s Edge Church Community, we have now grown to be a vital member of the NDG neighborhood as a place where children are loved and supported through their early years of development. Located in a well-loved building adjacent to the church, we welcome your family with open arms and hearts.
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Why join our educational team?

The educators use an emergent, child-centered approach to programming. This is a modern philosophy embraced by early childhood educators worldwide. It involves allowing your child to take the lead in their own learning while being supported and guided by an educator who is in tune with what they need to succeed. Straying away from pre-set themes, the educators take careful observations of each child in their care and provide meaningful activities that both meet the child’s level of curiosity and challenge them to want to do and know more. Educators build around children’s interests encouraging them to discover, question, experiment, and create in order to make sense of the world around them. Learning becomes exciting and intentional at a time where children are just discovering how important their voice is.

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