Workplace description

Welcome to the daycare: Sous une pluie d' étoiles inc. Anxious to meet the needs expressed many times by parents, the Sous Une Pluie d’étoiles inc. offers you quality and educational childcare places that contribute to the development of young preschool children (0-5 years) and also provide significant support to parents who must reconcile their family and professional responsibilities. The daycare service is offered to you in a facility where children thrive in groups under the supervision of competent educators.

Why join our educational team?

The garderie sous une pluie d' étoiles daycare aims to reach the full development potential of each child by offering quality childcare services focusing on health, safety and well-being in a warm and welcoming environment where everyone finds their place. . The educational mission, for its part, is to enable children to reach their full development potential through democratic interventions, while respecting each individual’s pace of learning; all taking place in a warm environment conducive to the learning of each child.

Description of available positions

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