La Maison Let's Go Inc.

12 - Chaudière-Appalaches

Workplace description

Maison Let's Go is a bilingual private daycare. We have two establishments. We have one that can accommodate 64 children, so 10 infants, and another that can accommodate 70 children from 18 months to 6 years old. We have nice big yards. Our daycare located in the east of Saint-Georges has direct access to the forest. We have a paved bike path at our daycare in West Saint-Georges. All our premises are very fenestrated!
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Why join our educational team?

Maison Let's Go is an extraordinary environment! We consider each educator as a member of our big family! Therefore, we value the balance between work and family. We rely on good understanding, respect for each other and mutual aid within our team! Our mission is to provide every child with an environment where they feel safe and loved. We value physical and mental well-being, contact with nature, openness to the world, respect for the pace of development of children as well as their differences. We spend several hours a day outside with the children. Activities such as fishing, skating, biking, hiking in the forest and snowshoeing are part of our daily lives.

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