La petite école Vision Victoriaville

17 - Centre-Du-Québec

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The warm and stimulating living environment of our small school allows young children to flourish and develop harmoniously. Games, workshops, psychomotor development and exploration through the imagination are at the heart of the daily activities of our little school. Our small school incorporates in its facilities in Victoriaville (80 places) and Warwick (31 places) an environment specially adapted to toddlers. In addition to developing their motor skills and stimulating their pleasure in moving, we want to build the foundations for their future learning so that they have greater ease in language, reading, writing and mathematics.
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Why join our educational team?

Are you looking for a stimulating job? Do you like children and are you passionate about education? Do you want to work in a pleasant working atmosphere where laughter and mutual aid are the basis of the team's values? Do you want to change the world one child at a time? La petite école Vision is the perfect place for you! We are looking for colleagues who embrace life to the fullest and are passionate about early childhood. The primary mandate is to ensure a safe environment while incorporating playfulness into everyday life to promote the development of the child. If you dreamed of an environment in which to improve your knowledge of English or introduce yourself to it, you have found it! In addition, you have colleagues to support you!

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