La Petite École Filante Lévis inc

12 - Chaudière-Appalaches

Workplace description

La Petite École Filante is committed to providing a fun, stimulating and warm English immersion experience. The educational staff and the management aim to ensure that each child can develop his or her full potential in order to provide him with a solid foundation. The activities are varied and the daily educational program is balanced: indoor and outdoor games, calm and active games, individual and collective activities, in small and large groups. The child will gradually be brought to develop his or her autonomy. He or she will also learn respect in all its forms, mutual aid, as well as sharing. Giving the child the necessary tools so that he or she can have good self-esteem is also a value advocated by the daycare. Early childhood is a very precious time and it deserves the best possible treatment.
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Why join our educational team?

Our philosophy is based on balance. In order to develop in a healthy way, children need an amalgam of elements which, brought in a balanced way, are beneficial for their development. La Petite École Filante aims to ensure that children's learning is based on play. We put everything in place so that the child flourishes in a joyful and English-speaking environment. Their pace and abilities are always respected. Our diverse educational program allows them to explore many things, which leads them to discover their preferences and talents.

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