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WHO WE ARE? 💚 For almost 5 years, La p’tite zone famille Beauport has been offering a caring, ecological and allergen-free daycare service to children aged between 9 months and 5 years old. What guides our actions? Democratize the atypical! 🌼 Make it regular, normal or even banal in the sense that each individual is unique and deserves to be celebrated, regardless of their beliefs, values ​​and limits. To allow children to find a place where it is good to live, where the evolution of each one is supported rather than being forced and where we take care of our great friend, The Earth. La p’tite ZONE Beauport daycare is at home, just like at home. A benevolent and proximal way of thinking, the child at the heart of our concerns! 😍
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Why join our educational team?

✅You dream of a healthy environment and having time to observe and accompany children ✅Do you have ecological values ​​that are fundamentally anchored in your lifestyle? You have come to the right place! ✅ Washable diapers? Yes thanks!! ✅A little thought for the veggie diet? Our menu is made up of more than 90%! WHY CHOOSE US? 💚Because we always push our limits 💚Because we're here for the right reasons 💚Because we are making a difference in this world of overconsumption 💚Because we are a passionate team!

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