La Ruche d'Or de Pierrefonds

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

The service is designed for children aged 0 to 5 in the Pierrefonds region and surrounding areas. Children will be guided by trained and dynamic educators. The daycare offers a warm welcome and accepts children as they are, according to their level of physiological and psychological maturation. Time management is flexible and adapted to the children. The daycare provides a quality service, and applies an educational program that promotes equal opportunities among children, regardless of their social, economic, cultural or religious background, so that all can blossom and develop harmoniously.
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Why join our educational team?

La Ruche d'Or de Pierrefonds daycare center has its first important mission, which is to lay the foundations for tomorrow's adult education. Our mandate is to create a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment that meets children's needs, ensures their health, safety and well-being, promotes equal opportunity, contributes to their socialization, supports their parents and facilitates their entry into school, promotes their educational success and prevents the emergence of learning or behavioral difficulties or social integration and promotes educational success. To provide a living environment that supports young children in their overall development.

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