L'academie des petits explorateurs inc

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

The Academy of Little Explorers Inc. is a private corporation incorporated in 2014. governed by the Ministry of the Family and must comply with the requirements of the Act and Regulations on educational childcare services. He holds a permit giving him the right to receive 75 children in his Saint Hubert facility. The Little Explorers Academy is an educational childcare service. As such, he therefore has a triple mission: that of seeing to the well-being, health and safety of the children entrusted to him, that of offering them a living environment suitable for stimulating their development
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Why join our educational team?

The main task of the educator is to ensure the well-being, health and safety of the children for whom she is responsible. It implements an educational program comprising a multitude of activities aimed at the overall development of children. It accompanies and supervises them in their activities and promotes their adaptation and integration into community life. She adopts an individualized approach both with the child and with the parents, which helps to establish a collaborative relationship and a sense of belonging to our Daycare.

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