L'académie des petits explorateurs 2 inc.

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Our educators in the private trilingual daycare: In our private daycare, one out of every three educators is qualified according to ministry standards. All our educators in Saint Hubert have 1 to 25 years of experience to ensure that children are in the best conditions and contribute to their development. All our educators also have their first aïd certifications and have provider the results of a Criminal record check.
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Our educational team is comprised of passionate professionals who share a common commitment to quality education. We encourage collaboration, pedagogical innovation, and continuous professional development. Our facilities are designed to provide a modern and comfortable learning environment. From well-equipped classrooms to spaces dedicated to creativity, we invest in infrastructure tailored to contemporary educational needs. Joining our team means contributing to a dynamic educational community focused on individual and collective growth. Together, we shape the future by inspiring and guiding the next generation towards success.

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