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Workplace description

The Les Oiseaux Bleus daycare center has a triple mission: To ensure the safety, health and well-being of the children entrusted to it. Provide a living environment conducive to stimulating their development or social integration. To ensure the best possible transition between daycare and their entry into school. We are committed to considering each child as a unique and whole being in their learning. In addition to promoting equal opportunities, we contribute to the socialization of the child while providing support to parents for a successful school transition.

Why join our educational team?

We recognize that the family is the first natural, cultural, social, educational, emotional and relational environment of the child. This is why we set up an environment that is an extension of this cell. The “Les Oiseaux Bleus” daycare center is a warm and safe place so that each child can feel at home. Respect is also reflected in our collaboration with parents for the development of their children. It is important for us to respect the values and needs of each family by adopting an attitude of openness and listening. observe and guide their actions.

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