Les Amours de Mamie

05 - Estrie

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Les Amours de Mamie existed for 23 years now in the Granby landscape! First pre-kindergarten and then specialized daycare, we offer a stimulating living environment, where learning is at the heart of our passion! Center of 37 places, we are happy to welcome 26 new children, for a total of 63 , in June with our brand new expansion, which includes a nursery and 2 new groups of 18 months and over. We have a 4-day rotation position to offer, as well as an indeterminate replacement for sick leave in the 4-5 year old group! Join a great team, located between Lac Boivin and Terry Fox Park! Call 450-372-6160 and ask for Marie-Claude
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Mission: To provide quality service for all of our customers by meeting the standards of educational qualities prescribed by the MFA in order to support each child in their overall development and to equip them adequately for the preschool world. Mutual aid is a value that we convey, both with children and between colleagues. Our educational program is an amalgamation of several currents of thought, since each child is unique!

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