Les Enfants du Mont-Riant

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

Founded on February 13, 2012, the SGEE Les Enfants du Mont-Riant is an unsubsidized bilingual private daycare with a capacity of 67 children including 10 infants (0-18 months). At EMR, we welcome children from birth to the age of 5, in a warm, comfortable and bilingual environment. At EMR, we work so that children recognize themselves through universal values ​​such as self-discovery, self-esteem, confidence, tolerance and self-respect. All these values ​​are conveyed and embodied within EMR through play, communication, discussion, sharing, the pleasure of learning and being.

Why join our educational team?

physical education, music, natural sciences and other sports activities that we will introduce as we go along according to the age groups and parents' wishes. . . At EMR, our staff are most important and we will strive to provide them with the most suitable environment in which they can evolve, by setting up continuous training / development programs. We make sure to offer a stimulating and warm environment to our staff in which they can perfect their know-how and expertise.

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