L'Univers Envhanté (Les P'tits pouces verts)

05 - Estrie

Workplace description

The daycare "Les p'tits pieds verte" which will soon be named L'Univers Enchanté (134 rue Marcotte, St-Georges de Windsor, JOA 1J0) holds a permit from the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés for 69 places, including 10 places. for children from birth to 18 months, 59 places for children from 18 months to 5 years.

Why join our educational team?

The L’Univers Enchanté Verts daycare promotes autonomy, mutual aid and respect. Great importance is given to the family, as is the cooperation between parents and educators. Thus, we ensure a better quality of life for children necessary for their personal development. We want to allow them to grow up healthy in a respectful, warm and safe environment. Each child has the opportunity to develop all areas of their development while being respected for their interests. In addition, multi-age group activities are offered to further stimulate them. We organize several activities that promote team spirit and closeness to management. A change of owner has brought a breath of fresh air to the daycare and the interior has been refurbished.

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