Ma 1ere Pouponnière

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

Ma 1ere Pouponnière welcomes 06 months to 5 years old, in installation from 7h30 h. to 18h in a pleasant, creative and dynamic setting located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve on rue Ontario Est., near the Pie IX metro station. We spend a lot of time outdoors running, climbing, pulling our friends on sledges, digging in the dirt, eating currants, looking for bugs, walking around the neighborhood, playing in the snow, observing the clouds and listen to the birds. With the help of the initiation to Spanish and the cuisine offered by our nursery, we want to make children aware of the diversification of cultures and environments so that it is easy to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in the society, enabling them to improve the future of our planet.

Why join our educational team?

Our team of educators is a team that has been working with us for a long time, teamwork is very important and this allows us to be great with the activities that we carry out.

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