Mélanie Piché

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

We are a 0-5 year early childhood education service. We have 75 children, 15 of whom are infants. We have a team of quality workers with an educational mission for toddlers. From the first day of attendance in our service the child prepares for his first school transition. Our team accompanies the child in his daily challenges. The pleasure of seeing each of our children grow is precious. The children leave us with a suitcase full of tools that will ensure an educational success! What a joy for us to see our FUTURE grow. Our village is happy to participate in raising our adults of tomorrow!

Why join our educational team?

Our mission At Garderie Les Petites Abeilles de l'île, our mission is to provide quality educational childcare services in a safe environment for children 0 to 5 years old. 1. Educational: 2. Quality: 3. Safe and Secure: . 4. Create and maintain the bond of attachment with the child and his family by meeting the needs for tenderness, affection and constancy. Our educational values Respect, autonomy and pleasure The theoretical foundations of the Les Petites Abeilles de l'ile daycare center are based on the theoretical foundations of the educational program "Welcoming early childhood" from the Ministry of the Family (MFA), 2019 edition. Since 2011 our team accompanies and supports toddlers 0-5 years in their learning. We support children in a caring atmosphere.

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