Pré Maternelle les oiselets

13 - Laval

Workplace description

Les Oiselets de Laval preschool offers your children an environment overflowing with new experiences, beautiful creations and particularly enriching encounters. Through our activities, children discover while learning while having fun, which allows them to experience the feelings associated with success and self-esteem as early as possible in their preschool life.
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Why join our educational team?

At Les Oiselets preschool, we want to encourage everyone to develop with confidence. We believe that it is essential that children learn to assert themselves, to participate actively in group life and to respect the rules and instructions. We encourage them to increase their general knowledge, their concentration and their ability to memorize, all for fun! Our mission At Les Oiselets preschool, our team only lives for the happiness of your children. Our staff has also made a point of preparing children for their new school year and stimulating them at all levels, since 1986.

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