Réseau Petits Pas

07 - Outaouais

Workplace description

Based on the Child Day Care Act (LSGEE), the CPE Réseau Petits Pas's primary mission is to offer high-quality services, ensuring health, safety, full development and welfare. -be children. The staff therefore take all the necessary means to welcome the child and meet his needs in order to offer him a stimulating living environment conducive to his full development, from birth to entering school.

Why join our educational team?

At the Reseau Petits Pas, mutual aid and collaboration make it possible to overcome many difficulties and to cope with the problems that we face in everyday life. Our educators teach the children to help each other and to work as a team. We also encourage respect in our work team by taking the time to listen to ourselves and being open to the ideas, choices and opinions of others. This makes it possible to increase the feeling of belonging and the chances of working in a pleasant climate and thus, all take the same road with the same goal, and this, each with their baggage of experiences, their challenges according to their own rhythms. 'learning. .

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