Service éducatif le Royaume des Enfants

02 - Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

Workplace description

The Children's Kingdom is made up of a dynamic, creative and enthusiastic team, working for the good of children and parents. By offering a unique and lively living environment, the overall and harmonious development of each child is targeted by the educators, the educational program, the values ​​conveyed and the particularly grandiose physical installations!

Why join our educational team?

The Children's Kingdom's mission is to create a healthy, stimulating and warm childcare environment, where children can grow, discover and have fun, while awakening to the world around them. All the staff have the desire to offer a high quality childcare service to our small clients, by leveraging their skills, in order to make it incomparable. The values ​​that are put forward are autonomy, respect, communication and pleasure.

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