Bouton de Rose

14 - Lanaudière

Workplace description

We have two facilities, soon a third (47, 78 and 80 places). All three are located in Berthierville. The work team has more than thirty employees, including twenty educators as well as an administrative assistant and 2 food managers, all of whom are unionized. A contractual specialist educator has also been at our service for several years to support educators with children with special needs and / or for specific stimulation according to the needs of the children and the environment. We work in multiage. Our team is dynamic and open to innovation. For the Bouton de Rose childcare center, training and resourcing are favored for all staff in order to maintain the quality of services.

Why join our educational team?

The CPE work team works in collaboration with parents, health and social services institutions as well as relevant community organizations. The aim is to promote equal opportunities for children, all differences combined, to have harmonious development. All children are equal. The work team is united. The pleasure is at the rendezvous. Collaboration between each other is important.

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