Centre de la petite enfance 123 Picabou

07 - Outaouais

Workplace description

We have 3 facilities (Child Care Centre). One facility is located in Campbell's Bay (47 children), Iles-Aux-Allumettes (37 children) and Mansfield and Pontefract (36 children)

Why join our educational team?

We offer a quality of service to children 0-5 years old. An educational program is put in place every day to ensure the well-being of the children in our daycare. Each child is unique and develops at his/her own pace. The employee will be called upon to implement the educational program, promote healthy lifestyle habits, ensure the health and safety of the children, assist the Educators with daily tasks, plan and organize activities. Upon arrival, he/she will be provided with certain relevant documents and information about the daycare center. We inform the person hired on the following subjects: disease prevention, fire escape plan, different ways to prevent injuries. The Assistant Director or the Educator in charge will always be on site every day.

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