Centre de la petite enfance de l'Érablière

07 - Outaouais

Workplace description

The CPE de l’Érablière is a non-profit corporation incorporated under Part III of the Companies Act, subsidized by the Ministère de la Famille. It offers educational childcare services for preschool children in two facilities with 80 places each. The head office is located at 45, chemin des Érables, Gatineau (Quebec), J8V 1C5. It's a unionized environment. The CPE prodigy educational quality and we are proud to offer our services for more than 30 years.

Why join our educational team?

Mission of the Cpe de l’Érablière Provide a healthy and safe living environment, in which educational quality is at the center of our interventions. Provide a living environment that promotes • the overall development as well as the prevention of the onset of developmental delays in toddlers from birth to school entry • the professional development of its staff and which values ​​the partnership with parents and the community that gravitates around families • equity, anti-racism, diversity and inclusion of all. Values ​​of the CPE: Respect - communication - collaboration - protection of the environment. The CPE is committed to adopting an educational program focused on the overall development and social skills of children. We work in partnership with various organizations for reference, children with specific problems. We are a “green” CPE. Recycle Quebec.

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