Centre de la Petite Enfance Manche de Pelle

Workplace description

The CPE Manche de Pelle, founded in 1976 to serve the clientele of the Cégep du Sherbrooke, now welcomes 78 children in its facility on rue Kennedy Nord. Two new facilities are under construction and will accommodate 200 children in the Fleurimont sector. Some of these places will be designated for the reception of children with specific needs, children from underprivileged backgrounds and those living in a context of vulnerability. “The Manche de Pelle Early Childhood Center aims to be an extension of the family, an environment open to the community”.

Why join our educational team?

The mandate of the CPE Manche de Pelle is to ensure the well-being, health and safety of the young children we welcome. Our mission is to provide a living environment that promotes their overall development. We reflect daily on pedagogical intentions adapted to the needs and interests of each child in order to be able to detect at an early stage the possible difficulties that he could experience. For educators, we promote work-family balance (in accordance with our collective agreement), we rely on an individual professional development support plan specific to each member of our team and our various partnerships allow optimal support for our team in the development of their professional skills.

Description of available positions

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