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Workplace description

The Ami Soleil childcare center was created in the 1970s at a very crucial time in the lives of mothers new to the labor market, particularly those with an immigrant background. Due to the lack of child care services at the time, members of the Haitian community who had recently immigrated to the country could not properly integrate the labor market. After several meetings and discussions, the CPE was finally incorporated in 1977. It received its permit from the Childcare Services Office and opened its doors to the entire population of Montreal. The Ami Soleil childcare center has a permit for 70 children, including 10 infants.

Why join our educational team?

The CPE is particularly pleased with its team, which is committed to the well-being and development of each child it receives. The stability and qualification of the team are also two very strong points in the quality of the service offered. The CPE is rich in its educational program which includes in particular: music, horticultural and culinary activities, its own way of preparing children for kindergarten, etc. The CPE welcomes children with special needs.

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