Childhood educator

CPE Au Coeur Enfantin
1387 pie XI nord, Québec (Val-Bélair) 2015 rue St-Jean-Baptiste, L'Ancienne-Lorette / 03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Description of position

The incumbent will be able to make daily replacements. The incumbent should be able to work in all age groups as a group educator or support educator (in addition to the group educator). She could also make replacements for the task of breaks and ends of the day.

Salary (range) :

Between 15$ and 17$ / h

Typical schedule :

Between 25 and 35 hours per week, as follows: - Between 10 and 20 hours per week in the workplace according to the needs of the educational childcare service; - 15 hours in training, paid. The training days will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during 69 weeks according to the schedule established by the CEGEP.

We're looking for...

We are looking for a dynamic, professional person who wishes to feel valued by the quality of the services offered to children. - Be sensitive, concerned and attentive to the needs of the child; - Be responsible, autonomous and committed; - Hold an up-to-date certificate of absence of impediment; - Have a recognized and valid first aid course;

We're offering

- Remuneration in accordance with the salary scale of the Ministry of the Family;

Job status :


Approximate start date :


Deadline for submitting applications :


Description of environment

At the Au Coeur Enfantin childcare center, benevolence is at the heart of our educational approach. One of the important components of our pedagogy is education through nature. We are a team mobilized to provide an optimal environment for the overall development of the child, to develop healthy lifestyles, to promote learning organized around children's initiatives (emerging pedagogy) as well as to stimulate awareness and the ecological sensitivity of children. Respecting the infant's rhythm and free activity is another important link in our genetics. The hours are different for each of them and they are the ones who dictate the times of their care (naps, meals, drinks). Our nurseries have a balcony adjoining the room, converted into a dormitory for outdoor naps, which can be used in all seasons.
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