CPE/BC La Chenille

14 - Lanaudière

Workplace description

La Chenille was founded in 1986. This company, which became a Childhood Center in 1997, has undergone several stages of development. Over the years, the members of the board of directors have been able, through their responsible decisions, to ensure sound management and to maximize the quality service offer to the children and parents of the territory. Thus in 2001, a new facility was built in Chertsey and in May 2006, the CPE La Chenille received approval as a coordinating office for family day care for the entire territory of Matawinie. . Finally, it was in December 2013 that the CPE La Chenille continued its mission by adding a third facility in the beautiful municipality of Saint-Côme.

Why join our educational team?

With a constant concern to be innovative, the CPE La Chenille will offer an avant-garde living environment where the educational quality and the well-being of the child and his family will be at the heart of its priorities. -The CPE will promote creative and original educational practices that will support the development of the child's full potential. He will be distinguished by his openness to others and by accepting differences. A globally oriented child care service that will allow children to imagine and build the future. o By collaborating with the community and the various partners, we wish to pursue an eco-responsible approach with respect for all stakeholders. -The harmony of human relationships and respect for collective guidelines are inseparable from our support project.

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