CPE Carrosse Citrouille

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Workplace description

The Carrosse-Citrouille CPE is a 60-seat facility and also has an 825-seat coordinating office in family settings. With a long history, Carrosse-Citrouille has been working for the development of early childhood since 1975. The CPE was built on two floors in the north of Sherbrooke. Children have access to a very large outdoor courtyard on a wooded lot. We have 10 infants, 14 children aged 18-24 months, 16 children aged 3-4 and 20 children aged 4-5. We are proud to have received our Sustainable CPE certificate last year. Children are used from an early age to foster good habits in order to respect the environment.

Why join our educational team?

Based on the "Welcoming early childhood" educational program, the qualified, committed and passionate staff provide a living environment tinged with a family spirit. Carrosse-Citrouille promotes the adoption of healthy lifestyles in an environment where nature is at the heart of its actions. We advocate the following values: Cooperation, respect, pleasure, commitment and support. When the child begins in the nursery, he is welcomed into an environment where the Locky approach is used. Their goal is to let the child develop at his own pace while promoting his autonomy. Recently, our educational program and our internal management were updated on our website. After doing the reading, we can get a nice overview of our approach. The work team supports each other and enjoys making decisions as a team. It promotes outdoor activities despite the bad weather in Quebec.

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