CPE Passepoil

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

The CPE Passepoil, a non-profit organization, was incorporated in August 1979. Our local daycare service aims to serve the community of the Montcalm and St-Jean-Baptiste neighborhoods in upper Quebec City as a priority. We hold a permit for 50 places that can accommodate children 18 months and older.

Why join our educational team?

The achievement of our mission is based on the professionalism of experienced staff who are keen to share their expertise by working closely with parents to ensure the well-being of children. Keen to actively participate in the overall development of each child, CPE Passepoil is committed to providing quality educational services and promoting healthy lifestyles. Our pedagogical approach is based on the Educational Program: Welcoming Early Childhood. Our values ​​are: Respect for self and others, Collaboration, Autonomy, Daily pleasure, Self-esteem and Healthy lifestyles.

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