Garderie BiaMel V

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

12 years ago, the Biamel administration opened their first daycare. Since then, BiaMel Daycares now have 4 operating daycares including; Les Trésors de BiaMel, BiaMel II and BiaMel IV (located in Brossard) and lastly, BiaMel V located in Longueuil. They are all located in peaceful, safe areas and offer high-quality childcare services. Trésors de BiaMel holds an unsubsidized permit of 78 children. BiaMel II has a permit of 41 children. BiaMel IV has a permit of 80 children. BiaMel V has a permit of 80 children. This leads to a grand total of 279 places for BiaMel children throughout our daycare locations. A preschool and pre-kindergarten program is offered for children aged 3-4 years old. Our educational team is warm, competent and has one main objective; TO HAVE A HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATION.

Why join our educational team?

Based on the Accueillir la Petite Enfance and the Gazelle and Potiron from the MFA. To ensure the health and safety of our children and to accompany children in their overall development. We prevent the appearance of difficulties and promote social inclusion. We encourage educational success by facilitating their transition to primary school providing the support they need and deserve. Our values are respect, autonomy, self-esteem and creativity; as they all impact our daily interventions. Our priority is maintaining good working conditions by offering trainings, team meetings, educational support, in a positive and stimulating climate. We encourage teamwork. We help them achieve their goals, encourage them, ensure they have all the necessary resources, discuss their performance and ask them for their opinions and feedback. Management also favors; positive approaches, immediately resolving conflicts, practice recognition on a daily basis and value successes, responding quickly to employee requests, etc.

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