Garderie des Anges Gardiens

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

OUR MISSION SINCE 06 FEBRUARY 1999 Is to ensure the well-being, health and safety of children in their care. Offer a living environment conducive to stimulating their development on all levels, from 18 months to entering school, while promoting their learning as well as their social skills. Our educational philosophy aims at the overall development of the child.

Why join our educational team?

Provide support to parents. Respecting the principle that “the parent is primarily responsible for their child”, the Garderie des Anges Gardiens is committed to supporting them through all stages of their child's development. For example, when a particular intervention has been carried out during the day, the educator will inform the parent, not so that he intervenes again, but to inform him of the learning targeted by the intervention and of the receptivity of the intervention. her child facing it. Also, aware that the development of the child is often one of the great concerns of parents, the educators complete what we call the “portrait of the child”. They give it to parents at the end of the year (before summer).

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