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Garderie Éducative La Volière
10501 avenue Péloquin Montréal, Québec H2C 2K4 / 06 - Montréal

Description of position

La Garderie Éducative La Volière offers a rich and stimulating environment in the heart of Ahuntsic. We aim to create an environment that is dynamic and open to allow each child and educator to fulfill their potential. We are a private subsidized daycare welcoming 60 children with 8 groupes including a nursery. We are delighted to welcome an educator for an internship to support our team in our mission to sustain the well-being, hygiene, health and security of the children. There is a possibility of full time employment for the summer after completion of the internship.

Salary (range) :

Between 15$ and 17$ / h

Typical schedule :

Between 25h and 35h per week, organized as follows: - Between 10 and 20 hours on average per week in the workplace according to the needs of the educational childcare service; - 15 hours of study, paid.

We're looking for...

We are seeking an educator that is flexible and adaptable to join our team. The base competencies we seek are a the first aid course for daycares, an updated back ground check, and the knowledge of the program "Accueillir à la petite enfance 2019" from the Ministère de la famille.

We're offering

We offer a stable internship environment with a group of the intern's choice. The hours of work and internship are determined in advance. There is a possibility of full time employment at the end of the internship for the summer session. We are located beside the Henri Bourassa metro and the Ahuntsic park. The team members have the pension for CPE and private subsidized daycares.

Job status :


Approximate start date :


Deadline for submitting applications :


Garderie Éducative La Volière

Description of environment

Garderie Éducative La Volière is a rich and stimulating environment that welcomes a group of unique and diverisifed children and their respective families. We aim to create a dynamic and open environment to give each child the opportunity to flourish in the four spheres of development outlined by the Ministère de la famille. The Garderie Éducative La Volière is a private subsidized daycare. Our installation has a permit for 60 children, including 10 children in the nursery. Our team aims to accompany and support each child by implementing the educational process for interventions based on observation, planning, organization, educational action and reflection-feedback. Each child becomes the central actor of his physical, motor, language, cognitive, social and affective development.
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