Garderie Les Mini Soleils II

15 - Laurentides

Workplace description

The Les Mini Soleils II daycare center is an unsubsidized daycare service, recognized by the Ministère de la Famille. Having opened its doors in 2018, it has a license for 50 places that can accommodate children 3 months and older.
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Why join our educational team?

The primary mission of Les Mini Soleils II daycare center is to provide quality educational childcare services to children. The daycare team therefore constantly seeks to deepen its understanding of the needs of children in order to respond to them adequately. It also strives to understand and respect the needs and expectations of parents, to establish a collaborative relationship with them, thus recognizing that parents are the first responsible for the education of children. To carry out its mandate, the Les Mini Soleils II daycare team relies on professional ethics. The notion of ethics is closely linked to the notion of competence and is based on the duties and responsibilities we have towards the people with whom we work.

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