Ma première école Einstein

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

Ma première école Einstein is a non- subsidized recognized day care center on Lebourgneuf boulevard, close to Staples (bureau en gros), juste few minutes from the main highway Laurentien, Félix-Leclerc and Robert-Bourrassa. It's easy to acces and served by express buses. Our high quality day care service welcolme every day 60 kids from 0-5 years.
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Why join our educational team?

Ma première école Einstein gather motivated and devoted mutidisciplirany professinal team. Previously part of a group of three day care center, the staff member work together since almost ten years. Our exceptionnal atmosphere and synergy implement ideal learning context for the acquisition of an efficient work technique. Working in dyad, we welcome two groups of 3-5 years old, two groups of 18 month - 3 years old, four groups of 0-18 month old, in a total of four spacious rooms. The team work is the basement of our organisation, the support, collaboration and the professionnalism complete the recommanded values of our staff member. We advocated a personalized approach to child development in order to allow them to grogress at their own pace, respecting their abilities.

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