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Workplace description

Mafamigarde has 3 facilities, one 80 places including 10 infants, one 39 places including 5 infants for the city of Saint-Hyacinthe and 39 places including 5 infants in the municipality of Saint-Valérien de Milton.

Why join our educational team?

With us, the child will grow up in a family environment, a home where the simple happiness of discovering the world is cultivated through the values ​​of mutual aid, openness and mutual benevolence. With us, children will grow up developing their social skills with all that they are and no matter how different they are, it is a way of life. Developing social skills is essential for sharing discoveries, making a successful transition to school, developing friendships and feeling safe. In our facilities, we welcome children with special needs and coming from different backgrounds. For us, developing social skills is a way of life. With us, children will grow up surrounded by their friends, their educator, but also our entire professional team and the community.

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