Soleil joyeux

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

It is at 7324, avenue Musset that the CPE Soleil Joyeux opened its doors in 1980 and it is still located there. First, there is the Leblanc kindergarten, which later becomes a non-profit daycare. In 1997, the daycare center became the Soleil Joyeux early childhood centre. A new facility located at 7710 avenue Léonard De Vinci will open in 2021 with 78 new spaces. The CPE therefore has two facilities for a total of 130 children.

Why join our educational team?

The mission of the Soleil Joyeux childcare center (CPE) is to provide quality childcare services by meeting the diverse needs of families in our community. To do this, in collaboration with the parents, we accompany the child in his journey towards his full developmental potential. This is possible thanks to the concerted work of a professional team that offers the child educational opportunities in welcoming, respecting and integrating differences.

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